Review: Black Rapid RS-5 Camera Strap

I got this strap a while back, but have been waiting to put it to proper use before I wrote a review.   When I first saw them, and their price, I laughed.   Why would anyone spend that much on a strap I thought?   Eventually after long sessions shooting and getting a sore neck, I started to see the value of a strap that went over the shoulder instead.   A bit later I started getting annoyed with my strap getting in the way when taking shots in a portrait format (which most of my music shots are…) and thought the alternative mounting position of the strap could be an advantage.   So eventually I decided it would be worth at least testing.

In use, I can now have my camera attached all day long without getting a sore neck, and because of the way the camera hangs, I don’t get a sore shoulder either.   So the strap wins hands down on that point.   The camera position also means it’s always easily accessible, and it’s more comfy than you might think.

One of my concerns over the mount were that I use a battery grip.   so I would have the strap attached where I hold the camera.   Would it get in the way?  Honestly?   Yes it does.   But not too much, and after a couple of shoots with it you start to adapt your hand position so it’s not in the way any more.   I thought it might ruin the strap for me, but it was a minor inconvenience for a couple of days.   Nothing more.

After a few weeks shooting with this strap I’m happy that my camera feels secure, I don’t suffer any aches or pains and my camera is easily accessible and comfy to use.   I’m not sure how they can justify such a high price, but if you value your comfort then it’s certainly worth it.   I never thought I could rate a strap as an essential part of my equipment, but having used this I couldn’t go back to a standard one.

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