Promo Shoots



Why bands need promo shots

Every band needs a decent promo shot.   Whether it’s just for sending out as part of your press pack (bands with photos for people to use often get more press because they make the magazines look prettier), or you want it as part of your album cover, posters, fliers, facebook timeline cover, website header, or one of hundreds of other possible uses, it pays to have some nice photos.

What I can do

I play in bands too, so I know how difficult it is at times to organise 5 different people with different schedules for something as simple as a rehearsal.   When it’s not about the music, it can be even harder.   That’s why I’m happy to come to your rehearsal studio and set up my gear there, or the recording studio, before/after a gig, or your house.   If you can make the time, I can also book out studio time, or organise a location shoot for you.



Obviously booking a proper photography studio is a lot more expensive than setting up outside your local practice studio.   I’m based near Oxford, so getting to Manchester is going to be massively more expensive than a home town shoot.   If you have a shoot concept, that will also swing the price one way or the other.   The simplest way to get a price is to send me an e-mail at (or use the contact form on this site) letting me know where you are and what you want, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.